Sinclair’s Ornamental Nursery (SON) is a twenty acre wholesale producer of quality in-ground and containerized evergreen conifers and ornamental shrubs. We are constantly adding plants to our inventory so that we can offer more varieties and color to choose from. Although the nursery operation itself has been up and running since 1997, the farm has been in the family since 1983. We are well established within the community and are interested in serving your needs.

Our established customers enjoy dealing with us, as we are a very user friendly nursery. Although we obviously enjoy larger orders, smaller retail outlets and landscapers enjoy that they can buy smaller quantities without over committing their own budgets. However, we do offer liberal volume discounts to those who purchase larger amounts of plants over the year.

We are strong believers in win-win relationships and to that end we are interested in developing strong partnerships with buyers of wholesale nursery stock that desire a reliable source of plant material. We are also interested in establishing growing contracts if it makes sense for both parties. Give us a call sometime and we will be happy to show you around, discuss a potential contract, service an order or otherwise just get to know each other.

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